Taking Baby E to Pensacola

Were we crazy? Maybe! My husband and I decided to take our 11 month old on a 12 hour road trip with us to Pensacola for our 2 year anniversary. How did we do it? It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We left at 2am, so that she would be sleeping through most of the trip. We packed all of her favorite toys and took off with me in the back seat with her. She did surprisingly great and about 3/4 way through we took a long break letting her get all of her wiggles out.


 We stayed at a budget hotel, Days Inn Pensacola Beach. Now I say budget but this is seriously the best deal on the beach. The rooms were nice and clean. It was right on the beach, and the staff was super nice and helpful. We were on the first floor, and could look left out of our door and the beach was there.

Usually on trips I go on, I plan every second of everyday, but since this was our first family vacation, and we had a baby I elected not to do that. Which if you are traveling with young children I suggest you have an outline of what to do but don’t plan to much. We didn’t want to change baby E’s schedule so nap times and meal times we tried very hard to keep the same.

We enjoyed eating at multiple restaurants in the area. One of our favorite things to do when traveling is eating at new places. The 1st night we ate at Shaggy’s.

We loved this place. It has both indoor and outdoor seating. It also had a marina. The food was super yummy and had a Cajun twist.  The staff was also super nice.

The next day we went to Fort Pickens. This place isn’t very stroller friendly so if you have a baby I would suggest wearing them. We all had fun, although Baby E fell asleep half way through. We went on a windy day, but children of all ages will enjoy this place.

For lunch we went to Hemingway’s. We ate here two years prior after our wedding. I’m not sure if I was just excited after the wedding or what but I thought it was much better 2 years ago. I was a little disappointed and thought for the money it should have been better.

 The next day we went to the naval aviation museum. This museum is free of charge and has lots of stuff to do. We enjoyed it, not only is there a lot of history but lots of fun picture opportunities. Just make sure you bring your photo ID. This is on a base, so you must show your ID before you are allowed on. This base also had a light house which isn’t free but is also fun. We went before we had baby E. It isn’t very baby friendly so we decided not to go this trip.

We had lunch at Blues sisters. This place was delicious. It served comfort food complete with chicken and waffles. Needless to say we ate more then we should have.

Our last day we just relaxed on the beach all day before our drive home.


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