Trip to St. Louis

My family usually goes to St. Louis once a year for a small get away. We have a few favorite things we do, but always add something new to the list. I think the trick to taking a toddler (is she really already a toddler) is to be flexible and not to plan to many things. You have to go at their pace. So the first thing on the list was Bogart’s and the Soulard Market. The nice thing is they are right beside each other.

Elsie at Bogarts

We are  a BBQ loving family. This is pretty much the only way I can get Baby E to eat meat. Every trip we either go to Bogart’s or Pappy’s. Both are equally delicious, so try both. The Soulard Market is a farmers market. They also have an awesome spice shop and meat shop. We always stock up on spices and fresh produce when we go.

magic house

This trip the new thing we did was the Magic House. If you have a child at almost any age range, this is the place to go. They have so much to do that we didn’t get to do it all because a certain little one fell asleep from exhaustion, so I feel another trip in our near future. They have a traveling exhibit, which changes every few months. This month was Clifford the Big Red Dog. Baby E had a blast. They have tons of area including a water area, music areas, and many other areas. Baby E’s favorite was the bubble section.

Elsie at Magic house

Overall we had a blast on our St. Louis trip!


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