Visiting Silver Dollar City

We live close to Silver Dollar City, which is located near Branson, MO. We visit pretty often. There are many things for everyone to do. Teenagers can ride rides, grandparents can watch shows. We love taking baby E to silver dollar city and started to when she was only 4 or 5 months old. However this year has been more fun, since she can ride rides now.

silver dollar city- jail

This was one of her first trips, we had to buy her a bonnet.

This park has a 1800’s town theme. They have a church, school house, bakery, and jail. They also have the Marvel Cave. If it’s just adults and older children in somewhat decent shape I highly suggest the cave.

There are many food options, however I find them pricey for the amount of food you get. If you have a lot of people in your party I suggest bringing a picnic. They do not mind you bringing lunch, just no hard coolers or glass. We usually enjoy our picnic behind the lumber jack camp. If you look at the map below it is near Hugo’s Hill Street on the left. There are lots of tables here and a nice waterfall to look at. It is seldom busy.

silver dollar map.jpg

Baby E’s favorite attraction is this frog. I think if you don’t want to do everything, just the rides, or just a few shows, 1 day is enough. However if you want to do everything, both rides and shows I would recommend 2.

silver dollar city -frog ride


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